both/and Refuge retreat

both/and Refuge* retreat: Christian & Buddhist practices in Lent
Registration now closed

If you missed the retreat and would like to know about future dates for this retreat when it is offered again, be in touch here.

Saturday, February 13th, 2016 – 10am-5pm
We’re popping-up at Plymouth Jazz & Justice Church, Oakland, CA in the Fireside Room
Gather with a diverse and inclusive community**
Led by Abbess Joellynn Monahan & Teacher Maxwell Pearl

both/and Refuge* retreat: Christian & Buddhist practices in Lent
Join Heart of Wisdom Monastery, in a diverse and inclusive** community to explore together how these two traditions can intertwine in our lives.  We come together in contemplative practice, diving into both Christian and Buddhist practices during a day of quiet, reflection and refuge.  What gems of insight and wisdom can we mine while in prayer and contemplation, and while paying attention, and cultivating compassion?  How can we find refuge in the Way of Jesus and the Middle Way of the Buddha?  Explore with us the richness in our embodied experience of meditation and prayer, in an open, welcoming space for people from different streams of Christian and Buddhist tradition and community.

Registration now closed.
Cost is $90 / $70 / $50 sliding scale
Retreat participants are asked to be present for the entire time of the retreat from 10am-5pm.

*what do we mean by both/and refuge?
Both/and refuge names the experience shared by those of us who find Wisdom in, and walk upon, both the Way of Jesus and the Middle Way of the Buddha.  We might name and understand ourselves in many different ways: Christian (various denominations or communities), Buddhist (various branches or lineages), Christians with Buddhist meditation practices, Buddhists who were raised Christian, spiritual but not religious, religiously eclectic, without labels at all…Some of us are clergy or teachers in one or both traditions.  Some of us are lay people and have been practicing deeply in both traditions for decades.  Others are new to one or both.  Whether you see your experience named here or not – we hope you’ll join us.

**diverse and inclusive
Tired of being the only person of color in the room?  [You won’t be – you’ll join a retreat teacher and other participants of color.]
Wondering if you would the only LGBTQ person present?  [Nope, you’ll join both retreat leaders and other lesbian, gay, bisexual, same-gender-loving, all-gender loving, queer, trans and genderqueer participants.]
Hoping the retreat space is accessible?  [It is.]
Wanting a space where you don’t have to choose between or defend your interest in the teachings and practices of both Christianity and Buddhism?   [Here you go: in this retreat we honor the gifts of both/and refuge and give thanks for the how the Way of Jesus and the Middle Way of the Buddha are uniquely embodied in our lives.  Yours. Mine. Ours.]
Bring your gloriously whole self on retreat – ’cause that’s how we roll at Heart of Wisdom Monastery!

Questions? Be in touch.

Coming from out-of-town?  You might wish to stay with our friends at Incarnation Monastery‘s Guest House in Berkeley, CA.

photo by Rev. Lindsey Kerr – Ventana Wilderness, Central CA Coast