I accompany individuals, groups & communities as we tend to the soul, wrestle with faith and doubt, deepen spiritual practice and living.  Since 2005 I’ve offered individual and group spiritual direction as well as retreats and spiritual formation for faith communities and organizations.

It is a deep joy to minister to diverse communities and people who come from different racial/ethnic backgrounds, class/economic experiences, gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, abilities, ages, religious affiliations and/or spiritual paths.  For me the glory of God, the delight of the Divine, the elegance of the universe is expressed through our diverse and complex selves.

My ministry is rooted in the ancient wisdom and commitments of the Christian tradition:

  • seeking and doing justice
  • radical hospitality and welcome
  • love of God, self, neighbor, enemies
  • honoring the sacredness of all creation
  • walking in the Way of Jesus

It is also informed by the varied and rich world religious and spiritual traditions, especially Vipassana (or Insight) Buddhist Meditation.  I am grateful for the opportunity to accompany people of many faiths, spiritual paths and philosophies as they pay attention to the ways their faith, spirituality, ethics shape their choices and living.

Some particular gifts of my spiritual direction and formation ministry:

  • incorporating Sabbath & sustainable spiritual practices in everyday life
  • cultivating an embodied faith/spirituality and spiritual practices which nourish the whole person / wholeness in community
  • offering ritual/sacraments upon request as a part of spiritual direction
  • helping social justice advocates & activists ground their leadership in faith
  • mentoring new spiritual directors/guides as they establish their ministry
  • accompanying those training as spiritual directors / guides
  • spiritual sustenance for clergy, lay religious leaders and seminarians
  • accompanying seminarians and religious leaders who are formed in faith by more than one faith tradition as they live out their vocation
  • tending the spirituality of young adults, especially clergy under 40
  • accompanying clergy who are military personnel or military spouses amid the challenges of a dual career and mobile family
  • affirming the spiritual lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer people
  • healing trauma of oppressive, exclusionary, abusive religious and spiritual communities
  • discerning vocation/meaningful work and finding spiritual resources for a sustainable work/life balance
  • helping interfaith and multi-faith families and partners navigate complex religious and spiritual lives
  • advocating for those called to religious leadership who are denied the opportunity to offer their gifts in service to their faith community / faith tradition because of their gender or sexual orientation (e.g. women called to priesthood in Roman Catholic, Seventh Day Adventist, Southern Baptist communities)
  • offering retreats with arts-infused and embodied spiritual practices  for individual and communal spiritual deepening in an inclusive and diverse gathering

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