Lenten Retreat

Renew your spirit in Lent with Rev. Joellynn Monahan

Saturday – March 14th, 2015 from 2-5pm
held at Plymouth Jazz & Justice Church, Oakland, CA in the Sanctuary

*Retreat:  to set aside time in rest and renewal, pay attention to your spiritual life, enjoy contemplation and interaction

Whether you observe Lent (the season of the church year which leads up to Easter) or have no idea what Lent is about, you are welcome!

Suitable for adults and children** accompanied by an adult (**children who can already read and who would enjoy a reflective, contemplative environment).  Open to people of all faiths -and no particular faith- who are interested in learning about (or deepening their observation of) the Christian season of Lent.

We will experience the gifts of the Lenten season through:

  • learning about why Christians observe Lent
  • enjoying time in silence and in prayer in community
  • engaging creatively with scripture
  • resting in the beauty and solitude of the sanctuary and outdoors on the church grounds

This retreat is offered at no cost as a gift to you from the Spiral Way!



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