Events & Retreats

2017 calendar

Women Called, Then And Now
new date tbd – coming soon!
pop-up-location: Plymouth Jazz & Justice Church, Oakland, CA
Join Heart of Wisdom Monastery co-conspirator Deacon Christine Haider-Winnett and Abbess Joellynn Monahan for a daylong retreat as we raise up and honor the voices of people who have been marginalized from church leadership because of their genders. Learn from the wisdom of women mystics, preachers and ministers throughout history and discover how they can guide you in your own ministry.  more info

Retreat works in progress – stay tuned for dates and registration info:

  • ritual – gateway to the sacred
  • dance and movement as spiritual practice for non-dancers
  • spiritual deepening for professional dancers & choreographers
  • Christian & Buddhist contemplative practices: equanimity
  • art-making is spiritual practice: creating our own book of hours
  • art-making is spiritual practice: creating our own prayer cards
  • art-art is spiritual practice: creating our own icons

Looking for a retreat leader/facilitator for your group, organization or faith community?  Let’s be in conversation about how my skills and gifts could be of service to your people!

Meeting Suffering with Compassion:
a Christian & Buddhist contemplative practices retreat

Saturday,  April 1st, 2017 – 11am-5pm
pop-up-location: Plymouth Jazz & Justice Church, Oakland, CA
Join Heart of Wisdom Monastery’s Abbess Joellynn Monahan & Teacher Michelle Murrain
Cultivating compassion can allow us to move through these difficult times with less suffering, greater ease, and more energy to bring to service and justice-making.  How can we rest in spaciousness, while in prayer and contemplation, while paying attention, and cultivating compassion?  How can we find refuge in the Way of Jesus and the Middle Way of the Buddha?  Explore with us the richness in our embodied experience of meditation and prayer, in an open, welcoming space for people from different streams of Christian and Buddhist tradition and community, people from other traditions and spiritual paths, seekers and those simply curious.

Sexuality & Spirituality for Spiritual Directors
Monday, March 20th, 2017 – 2-5pm
hosted by: Chaplaincy Institute, Berkeley, CA
As guest faculty, offering in-depth reflection on human sexuality and the intersection of our sexuality with our faith(s) and/or spiritual path(s).   Taught from an intersectional perspective incorporating self-reflective, interactive and roleplay exercises.  This training is offered for spiritual direction students enrolled in the Chaplaincy Institute’s Interfaith Spiritual Direction Certificate program.  [not open to the general public]

White Privilege & Spiritual Direction
Wednesday, February 1st, 2017 – 7-9pm
pop-up location:  All Souls Episcopal Church, Berkeley, CA
Facilitated by Rev. Joellynn Monahan, MDiv, MEd

Join East Bay Spiritual Directors for this gathering of spiritual directors and spiritual direction students living and/or working in the East Bay area.  The purpose of these gathering is to build collegial relationships, to network, and to engage in topical presentations and discussions led by our members.  [not open to the general public]


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